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How to mislead teams with irrelevant processes

Agile. KanBan. Scrum. Lean. SAFe.Waterfall.

Different names, different styles, different flavours. Each methodology attempting to somehow get a bunch of people with diverse skillsets, different backgrounds, locations, expertise, and motivations to work towards a common goal.

As always the intent is great. And then somewhere along the way we lose the plot. No matter what process we follow, we all eventually revert back to our good old styles of breathing down people's necks, stress, anxiety, distrust, finding fault and polish it off with last minute frenzy.

Does it matter what methodology you follow? More importantly, is the methodology at fault here? Is it right to create a cookie cutter approach for any goal, any team?

Getting things done isn't easy. Doing something yourself is a lot easier than getting someone else to do it. It's harder to get a group of people to do it. Difficult when you have to get a group of arrogant, smart people to do anything. Even more challengi…

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